High calibre team

We have a core R&D team with experts from across the globe including professors and senior engineers. Divided in to separate groups for various competencies, they focus on evaluation, innovation and improvement. They regularly undertake long-term study at printing research institutes in Japan. We also have foreign experts from Japan and the USA acting as our consultants. We have set up R&D institutes in Japan, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhuhai and other areas. In order to develop better precision and advanced printing technology, we have also successively partnered with leading scientific research institutes and universities from China to form a ‘University-Industry’ collaboration platform.

Focus on patents

We completely understand the importance of patent accumulation to be at the forefront in the tech world. During the launch of our R&D department, we set up a strong intellectual property research team consisting of intellectual property lawyers and patent engineers. They undertake the difficult task of reviewing patents using the patent management tool, ‘Patent Map’.

A unified R&D management system

Our core R&D management system consists of five crucial parts: demand management, project monitoring, system testing, flow automation and continuous optimization. All streamlined to ensure better products and smooth operations.