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Our strengths:

Key Components: Chips/Rollers/Ink/Laser cartridges/Ink cartridges

Printer System Design: ID design/ Hardware/Firmware/Software/In-house manufacturing

Service: Quick response and flexible service

Manufacturing strength

Our manufacturing capabilities are our biggest asset. We produce mono laser SFPs, mono laser MFPs and mono laser high speed printers with an annual production capacity of 500,000 units. Our printers net worth is predicted to exceed 10 billion Yuan in five years.

In addition, we are strongly backed by Zhuhai Seine Technology Co. Ltd, the well-known global manufacturer and supplier of printer consumables. Based on their full-industry chains and large-scale production of printer consumables, the cost per page(CPP)of our printers is significantly lower than competing products.

We undertake stringent quality control from production to shipment and from semi-finished products to finished products. To ensure the highest quality, we have introduced advanced production and testing equipment and have enlisted the help of expert professional management personnel.

Full Industry Chain

We have established a fully streamlined production cycle covering printing components and raw materials, cartridge supplies and printing devices.