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Who We Are

Pantum is the first ever Created-in-China printer brand and is an international producer and provider of professional printing solutions. Backed by thirteen years of experience in the industry, we specialize in producing reliable and affordable printers that provide a simple printing experience. As innovators, we are constantly expanding and perfecting our product line.

Pantum applies new ideas and concepts to create value-added laser printers and multi-function devices with robust features and very low operating costs. Pantum printers are designed with sturdy print engines that ensure a much longer working life to meet a higher monthly workload than comparative products. Working towards offering SMB, SOHO, and medium to large business customers optimum quality printing solutions, we promise to give rise to a New Era for Printing.


Brand Annotation

Pantum is an amalgamation of two Chinese characters.


a verb meaning to move very fast forward and overcome all obstacles


a noun meaning a bright future.

Our commitment to being a leader in our industry is ingrained in the very fabric of our being. It inspires us to push the technological advancement of the global printing industry. It dictates our dedication to the creation of a long-lasting and prosperous future.