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New Facility, New Opportunity

October 24, 2013 Super User



Zhuhai, China, Oct.17th-19th, 2013– Remax Asia, the world largest expo for printing consumables, was recently held at the Zhuhai Airshow Center. Seine Group, the manufacturer of Pantum printers and also the industry leader of the global aftermarket, represented itself successfully by showcasing its entire product line which included Pantum printers, toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges and ribbons.


During the second day of the expo, Seine Group hosted the “Hello Future” forum to celebrate its new facility opening in Zhuhai. More than 100 attendees from the printing industry joined the forum marking the first time for visitors to step into the New High-tech Industry Park since it’s construction. Seine invited experienced industry experts to give informative speeches on the topics of market analysis, technology development, patent, management transformation, OEM channel experience and future plans.



During the forum, Alex Li, Senior Vice President of Pantum International Limited, gave a passionate speech to the attendees on topics that ranged from market analysis to what Pantum have achieved over last two years, product development, customer requirements, lessons learned and new key strategies. When introducing the product marketing strategy “printing should be simple”, Alex commented, “Pantum focuses on the overall user experience when printing. We know that day to day work can be challenging enough. We aim to create a more simplified printing experience by creating user-friendly products with only the essential features, so our customers can focus on more important matters.”



Pantum experienced rapid growth in 2013. Today, Pantum has entered more than 35 countries, and has top three market share in countries such as South Africa. The company has mastered all technologies of mono printers, MFP’s and High Speed Printers have been released to the market this year. With the introduction of Wi-Fi models, Pantum’s product portfolio is expected to cover over 70% of the worldwide laser market by Q1 2014.


Jackson Wang, CEO of Seine Technology, introduced the group company’s past development and future plan. Jackson commented, “Seine has been working hard to provide quality products and the best solutions for customers through technical and management innovation. We hope to continue to deliver more value for printer users and more opportunities for business partners.”


In addition to the forum, Seine also hosted a Gala party and new facility tour for the attendees.



New High Tech Industry Park: From Vision to Reality

From an aerial view, the 450,000m² industry park looks like a bird’s wings stretching to reach the blue sky. Official buildings, factories, warehouses and dormitories line up in rows, decorating those wings. Trucks bearing the company logo depart, one-by-one, from the industry park. Each is loaded with products destined for shipment to far flung destinations around the world.


In one factory, workers busily assemble and package cartridges streaming off production lines. In another plant, thousands of laser printers are being made—they all share one single, distinctive name: Pantum. It aims to be one of the top 5 players in the laser printer market in next 3-5 years. In the new facility, Seine will use new equipment, optimize manufacturing procedures, apply advanced management systems and improve logistics so as to increase efficiency and quality, and reduce cost.



This is all a part of Seine’s vision, and soon will be a reality at the New High-Tech Industry Park in Zhuhai, China, the world’s capital of printer consumables. To Pantum, the future of the printer market is bright and the path to success is clear!