Social Commitment

We believe it is our duty as a part of society to contribute to its betterment in every manner possible for us. Our aim is not only looking after the environment with our eco-friendly products but also on making meaningful direct contributions wherever needed.

Angel of Love

On April 20th, 2007, an agreement was signed with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF) by our group company. According to the agreement, we have agreed to donate 1 million RMB to CRCF to set up a special fund to help children suffering from leukemia.

The fund is named as ‘Angel of Love’ and it is the first fund to be set up for ailment by an enterprise. The fund will be managed and supervised by a committee consisting of members from our group company and CRCF. It will be audited by a Certified Public Accountants company. The detailed summary of the usage of the fund and the list of children helped by the fund will be published through Chinese mass media and on CRCF’s official website.

To keep the fund growing, the group company has decided to donate a certain percentage of its sales to the fund. A logo on our products’ packages will indicate the percentage of its purchasing price that will be donated to the fund.

The staff of the Angel of Love Fund organizes regular visits to the children with leukemia to bring more love and hope to them. The number of children with leukaemia is rapidly increasing. Taking away vibrant children it destroys a large number of families each year.

Leukaemia is on the rise. Taking away vibrant children it destroys a large number family lives every year.

June 27, 2007, we contributed 1 million Yuan to China Red Cross Foundation to help the poor children afflicted by leukaemia. We also contribute to public welfare sustainability, in order to attract more social participation in such initiatives.

Sichuan Relief Fund

The Chinese can never forget the ghastly earthquake that struck Sichuan in May 2008. Nearly 70 thousand people lost their lives. We organized a charity donation drive along with more than 4000 employees and quickly collected over ¥420,000 that was used for the reconstruction of schools in disaster-stricken area.


Free Printers

  • In Dec 2010, we donated 200 Pantum printers to the government in a poverty-stricken area of China.
  • In September 2011, 8 Pantum printers and 10 catridges were donated to the Jieyang City, Guangdong Huilai county village for the improvement of school conditions and support offices.
  • In September 2011,we donated 200 Pantum printers Xiangtan University for furthering the cause of technical education.