CEO’s Letter

Mr. Jackson Wang
Pantum International Limited

In just a few years, we have experienced remarkable growth. I honestly believe that we have the potential to be a leading international Chinese printer brand. The way forward for us is to continuously seek the best practices, maximize our contributions through high quality products, while constantly contributing to our society.

In today's world, it is expected that a corporation should contribute to the society with more than just good products. We clearly understand that a company’s success is measured not only by its business achievements, but also by how well it serves the community and protects the environment, making a tangible difference to people’s personal lives. Since our inception, we have implemented aggressive initiatives to align our business goals with the aim of being a good corporate citizen.

To reaffirm our position in this regard, we have undertaken the following activities as a part of our social responsibility initiatives:

  • Environmental Protection: All of our materials are carefully chosen to ensure they will not harm or damage the environment. We ensure our products use low waste toners and employ specific technology that reduces impact on the planet.
  • Social Benefit: During the Sichuan earthquake, we quickly raised funds through donations to assist with the crisis. To provide better education in remote areas, we have donated printers to many schools and charities.
  • Employee Rights: We strive to make our staff feel at home in the workplace and create a friendly working atmosphere. We provide them with advanced education opportunities by offering various training programs.


We realize that there is always more to do for a fast-growing company like us. As we progress, not only will we strive towards corporate leadership but also focus on being a socially benevolent company. An endeavor in which we are sure you will support us as you have done till date.

We look forward to your continued partnership and thank you for the same.

Jackson Wang
Pantum International Limited