Employee Rights

Corporate Culture

As an international company, we strive to merge local cultures with our own. Being open to the sensibilities and dreams of our employees, we work towards enabling them to achieve their own goals while fulfilling the company’s targets. For a harmonious culture and happy work environment, we organize group activities regularly. These informal occasions encourage friendship and build a sense of belonging within the company.

Safe and healthy workplace

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance to us. We strive to offer workspaces that are free from unsafe equipment, situations and practices, and conduct safety checks on an ongoing basis.

All employees receive health and safety training and are encouraged to report concerns about the smallest of complaints. This training includes safety policy and is provided in stand-up classrooms, online courses and on the job, depending on which best fits the need.

Employee Training

At Pantum, many training opportunities exist from informal to structured. The training plan is created based on job requirements and personal ambition so as to make it more personalized and more beneficial to the development of the employees.

Our trainings are rich and colourful and include lectures, group discussions, debates, talent shows, outward bound adventures etc. They are aimed to help our employees discover themselves, their talents, understand teamwork, improve efficiency, conflict management and make their work and personal lives happier.